About US

Our Vision

The San Joaquin Miniature Schnauzer Club (SJMSC) provides opportunities for owners of all ages to responsibly participate in improving and enjoying every aspect of the breed. The club fosters a supportive environment where common interests are identified and relationships formed. The club focuses its activities to encourage learning about, appreciating and supporting purebred dogs.

The club helps ensure members, enthusiasts, and the community are well informed. This is accomplished by providing programs and activities that ensure the breed is protected, the sport continued, and the integrity of the breed safeguarded. Major club functions, including meetings and matches, are scheduled to accommodate current members and appeal to prospective members.

The club’s liaison to the American Miniature Schnauzer Association and the American Kennel Club serves as the communication link so the club can actively align with the parent organizations. The club supports affiliate clubs and works cooperatively to increase the overall ability to improve, safeguard, and enjoy the breed. The San Joaquin Miniature Schnauzer Club conducts its business in an ethical and democratic manner.

Officers of the Club
President Cleo Home
Vice President Bev Verna
Recording Secretary Carol Carney
Corresponding Secretary Dan Durigan
Director (until 2005) Brenda Couey
Director (until 2004) Don DeWald
Director (until 2003) Patricia O’Brien

Membership Chairperson

Brenda Couey

Membership Booklet

Our membership booklet is online and available for your viewing. It contains a list of our current Board of Directors, Committee assignments, Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, the Breed Standard for Miniature Schnauzers and our Membership Application Form. Press the “Membership Booklet” button to the left to view this document. Warning: The booklet is over 40 pages and takes awhile to download and/or print!